Michelle Halbert, obedience trainer and groomer is dedicated to providing quality service and creating a happy home for all animals. She is educated by the Academy of Grooming Arts and experienced in the following areas of service: Obedience and agility training, dog walking, boarding, grooming and massage therapy. Michelle is a lifelong animal lover who founded K9 Lovers in 2002.

Her inspiration to become an obedience trainer and groomer began one day in the park. Walking with her daughter, Michelle noticed a couple sitting with their dog, a beautiful sheltie mix. After asking permission to pet the dog, the owners said "she is not really friendly with people." Michelle responded, " I have a way with skittish dogs." The dog sat happily and welcomed this new person. The owners were surprised and asked Michelle if she was a professional dog trainer. It was from this day forward, that she was inspired to begin a new career. Since then, Michelle has adopted a beautiful Siberian Husky from the Lake County Animal Rescue. K9 lovers was built on Michelle's love and dedication for "taking care of all the animals."